By Chance Caviary  

~ Offering exceptionally luxurious, carefully & lovingly produced Guinea & Skinny Pigs in Bangor, Maine, USA~
Established 2015 

Please note: We are located in Maine, USA and **DO NOT** offer shipping at this time. Local Bangor, ME pick up only

Site updated: 5/15/22

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Welcome to our home on the web! BCC offers superior quality, unique, classic and rare breed luxurious Pocket Pets from a compassionate, knowledgeable, small scale breeder. Our elite babies are only available to the finest of homes, screened via our easy online Adoption Application. We specialize in exceptional Guinea Pigs, Skinny pigs & occasionally Bunnies- all in an array of colors/markings/varieties. We're located in America's Vacationland; the gorgeous, scenic state of Maine! We are very small scale. Our "breeders" are our pets first and foremost, and everyone is home raised, named and known personally. Learn so much more about us and our mission on the About Us page.
*~*~*~*PICK UP ONLY *~*~*~*


NEW! Rare breeds arriving now in 2022!

We're adding to our paid wait list for special piggy requests! We have rare and desirable breeds/varieties arriving now including:

* Californian Pattern Cavies in Crested and American; Cream Cali Black, Cream Cali Chocolate and White Cali Black- plus possibly more!
* Ridgebacks in a rainbow of colors and markings!
* Peruvians, Silkies & Coronets in Calico, Silver Agouti, Bi Colors, and more!
* Satins in rare dilutes such as Rainbow, Lilac, Argente, etc!
* Skinny Pigs in Self Black, Calico, Dalmation, Bi Color and more!
* & Other breeds in an assortment of colors, markings, patterns and coat types!


Pokets full o' PIGGIES!

*Werewolf Skinnys